Guilty pleasures

It only occurred to me the other day that there are some things I eat that are quite strange. I’m not talking about eating haggis or bugs on a daily basis but the little things, like maybe eating Vegemite on its own straight from the jar.

Yes, I eat Vegemite out of a jar.

I also eat a few other strange things, which absolutely must come from my Dad. I mean, he likes apple sandwiches!

I want to open up a Pandora’s Box of weird and wonderful combinations, quirky habits and downright strange foods! Lets put it all out there! Perhaps you love a strange but delicious sandwich concoction? When I told my roommate about my plans for this post she replied with, “When I was in Indonesia, we tried banana and cheese sandwiches, they were quite tasty!”

So here goes, no judgement (please!), my quirky foodie indulgences:

  • Roasted pumpkin skins (I just love to fry them or roast them and eat them as a snack).
  • The bones out of a tin of salmon (I swear mum tole me they were full of iron?).
  • The cream on top of fresh milk (I only buy milk with cream on top for that very reason).
  • Frozen peas (afternoon treat anyone?).
  • Raw sausages (Yes! I know…but a small mouthful won’t hurt!).
  • Tomato sauce sandwiches (I went through a massive phase in high school, its all I brought to school).
  • The crumbs in a pan from grilled lamb chops (I used to fight my brother for these growing up, behind mums back).
  • Frozen white bread (can you tell I like frozen things?).
  • Egg flips (OK, not so strange, but some people have a complex about me drinking raw egg!).
  • Bacon rind (sometimes Dad and I cut it off, then fry it until its super crispy)

So there it is, I said it! There is probably a lot more than listed above but its a good start.

What do you like to eat/indulge in that may be a bit strange to others?

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Monkeying around – a Lunar New Year feast!

Does anyone else feel like they should just start 2016 in February? I’ve spoken to a couple of people who feel that way. Luckily, there’s Chinese Lunar New Year.

Lunar New Year wontons

Since Chinese Lunar New Year is all about good food, we figured it’s the best way to bring in the New Year, and celebrate in style.

Lunar New Year - chicken wings and xo beef and brocoli

Before Mel dashed off to Europe, But first, we eat! put together our first Chinese feast and invited a bunch of friends to enjoy it with us. In preparation, we searched for the best recipes to share with friends to welcome in the Year of the Monkey.

Lunar New Year steamed dumplings

We decided on our recipes, then spent half a day at Market Square in Sunnybank (one of my favourite places to eat – I may have a goal of trying every food outlet there and I may already be half way there) shopping for ingredients. Then it was time to get our cook on!

Lunar New Year spring rolls and garlic chips

We will go into a bit more detail about the cooking process in an article specifically about making dumplings because we made a few. But, as a whole out feast consisted of:

We also bought some steamed buns (because we weren’t ready to try making them) and some garlic tapioca chips (cause they were super cute!).

Lunar New Year mango pudding

We cooked non-stop from 1pm until 7pm and it was totally worth it. The food was stunning and we’ve now got some go-to Chinese recipes we can cook up in future.


Did you make or do anything for Lunar New Year?

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Mel is off to Europe….

Yep. Mel is off to Europe. Without me, unfortunately.

In fact, by the time you read this, she is probably already enjoying gelato (or more likely gelati) in Rome.

So why should you read on? Because But first, we eat! is going to get even better!

As you’d imagine, Mel isn’t your ordinary traveller, she’s one of those foodie tourists. After recent discussions with her, I discovered that she doesn’t have a to-do list as such, it’s more of an EAT list. She spent the last few months scouring the internet for all the delicacies, traditions and must-have food items in each country she is visiting. Even though I’m quite jealous, I’m looking forward to the many photos she’ll take and post to our Instagram account. I can live hungrily through her adventures. She’s currently in Rome and then off to:

  • Florence, Italy
  • Lucerne, Switzerland (fondue!)
  • Burgundy, France
  • Paris, France
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Galway, Ireland
  • Cork, Ireland
  • London, England

So, if you haven’t already followed followed us on Instagram, you can do that here.

Also, because we live in the age of technology, you can send her your recommendations and she’ll add them to her list while she’s on the road.


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Review: Mondo Organics

I love those moments when you finally get to try a cafe that has been on your list for such a long time, and it exceeds all your expectations.

Last Saturday, I finally got to try Mondo Organics in West End. It’s hard to find a cafe that is not only healthy, but has a strong focus on organic, seasonal and locally grown produce. In fact, Mondo Organics is Australia’s first fully licensed organics restaurant, and they are constantly innovating new ways to improve their business.

If this place hasn’t impressed you yet – they also have cooking classes and catering! I can’t wait to sign up for one of their classes, Spanish tapas anyone?

So what did we eat?

I am a fritter lover through and through, so I couldn’t go past the zucchini, fetta and herb fritters, poached eggs, sprout salad and turmeric labneh. It was light but filling, and all the flavours complemented each other so well.

One of my friends chose (after much begging to choose something different than me) hash browns, crumbed egg and wilted greens. It was refreshing to see something so familiar yet so different on the menu, and it tasted sensational.

Lastly, my other two friends had wood-smoked free range bacon, poached eggs, greens, slow-roasted tomato and sourdough. You could tell the sourdough was homemade, and the smell of the wood smoked bacon was enough to make us all to drool!

So there you have it, another healthy option for dining out in Brisbane. I cannot wait to go back for dinner!

What’s your favourite healthy cafe/restaurant?

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