Review: Lunch at Creole Soul Kitchen, Spring Hill

Holy moly.

When I started writing this post about three months ago, Creole Soul Kitchen was still relatively new on the scene in Brisbane and it had only been open a few weeks by the time I’d eaten there six times! Mostly because I went with a different person every time – the old, ‘I want to go, but I can’t go with you today, let’s go next week!’ dealy.

Given I’d been so many times, I thought I should write about it because clearly I enjoy it.

I’ve never really had a lot of Creole food before. While there a plenty of burger joints in Brisbane, there aren’t a lot of Creole places to eat (feel free to send me recommendations!), so something authentic and delicious can be hard to come by. I’m also super keen to get over to Lousiana one day – beignets, po’boys, gumbo, Jambalaya…you get the idea! I’m sure there some nice cultural things to see too…………….

Creole Soul Kitchen has creole goodies like po’boys (lunch only, get on that!), gumbo, salads, pasta and pizza. They are also licensed, with some American beers on tap! Since I left Spring Hill, they have added beignets to the menu and other delicious things too.

Creole soul kitchen

It’s a small establishment, making the most of the deck they built out the front. There’s loads of memorabilia from the South on the walls and the back bar. It kind of gives you the feeling the owner my be a tad homesick, aside from giving the place a Southern vibe.

Can I also say, the chairs are comfortable!! So often you go to a new restaurant and the chairs are horrible to sit on, which makes for an uncomfortable meal.

When speaking with the owner on the first day I went there, he was telling me that so many of the products they needed just weren’t available easily in Australia, so he resorted to making a few himself. For example, he makes the Andouille sausage he uses in his sandwiches, pizzas, gumbos etc. himself – the texture is a little like Chorizo, but the flavour is different. I love that he’s just not willing to compromise on the ingredients and flavours.

You can make your own pasta, with a range of sauces and other ingredients, which is awesome because sometimes the pasta dishes in some restaurants are a couple of ingredients off what you really feel like.

I’m actually dying to head back to Creole Soul Kitchen because I haven’t even tried half the menu. I’m no longer working in Spring Hill, so that does pose a problem, but I think I’ll get there for drinks on a Friday night soon.

creole soul kitchen

As for what I have tried. I’ve been a staunch po’ boy eater, particularly the Soul Burger, which is insanely filling and really tasty. It reminds me of something I’ve eaten before, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. That’s probably why I’ve had it more than once. It’s a fairly simple burger with meat pattie, salads, sauce and cheese on one of their soft long rolls. I’m a bit fussy about bread and their bread does it for me! I also enjoyed the Andouille sausage po’ boy, but I’ve never been a huge fan of tomato sauce on a sandwich.

If you do go to check it out, you must get some waffle fries. They have a range of sauces, but what you need to get is the garlic butter. The chips are deep fried and then finished off in a pan with garlic butter. The first time we had them, that’s how the owner described them to us and that’s exactly how they tasted. Holy moly.

Writing all this is making me crazy hungry, can someone please go back with me soon?!

The details
Creole Soul Kitchen
448 Boundary St, Spring Hill
Opening hours: Mon, 11-3 | Tues-Fri, 11-11 | Sat, 5-11


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