Foodie: KarisEveryone has a different connection to food – some of us see it as fuel and nothing more, some of us enjoy a good meal but could go days eating the same thing without another thought, then there are those of us who think, dream and talk about food all the time. That’s me.

I was cooking merguez on a BBQ at 6 years of age; my love of food started young. My dad is a chef (a French one to boot), so I guess you could say it runs in my blood. The two of us can talk endlessly about what’s going on in the world of food – especially while sitting in front of the TV watching a cooking show.

I love baking and experimenting with sourdough, and I generally cook savoury food without the want or need for a recipe. When I came across a book in my highschool library, that contained a recipe for lavender biscuits, I formed an odd obsession with putting lavender in my baked goods (my dark chocolate lavender brownies are delicious!).

Travelling has given me the opportunity to enjoy a variety of cuisines. I am currently living in the UK with plans to continue exploring, and discovering food around the globe. But, while I’m at home I love going out for yum cha and I must admit I go weak at the knees for bread-based food items.

My other great loves are history and museums, so my travel itineraries always reflect this. And if there’s a castle near by, I’m there. I love a good book, and enjoy procedural crime dramas and sci-fi/fantasy pop culture. I don’t mind a spot of bushwalking and love wandering around markets. While I’m at work, I’m doing the marketing and communications thing (and sometimes the event management thing).

Favourite celebrity chef: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Chocolate or caramel: Caramel
Favourite cuisine: Vietnamese
Favourite cooking show: River Cottage
Cooking influence: My Dad (who is in turn influenced by his mother and, boy, can she cook!)
Where am I from: Brisbane, Australia
Current location: Bristol, United Kingdom

Why But first, we eat!? Out and about, in the home, in the workplace, while traveling (everywhere really), food is top of mind (for me anyway), so it only seemed fitting that the first thing we do is eat no matter the situation.

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  1. Hi Karis
    You posted about Australian Crunch last October. I’d not heard of it but a friend who is ill in the BRI has been asking for some…memories of childhood and being well. I’m about to make my first batch, but could you tell me which bakery you bought a piece from? It will be interesting to compare with my effort.
    Many thanks
    Anna (Westbury-on-Trym)

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