Far and away the best way to eat prunes: Far Breton

Over Easter this year, I popped over to France to see dad who was also there for his bi-annual visit. Even though the primary purpose of the visit was to visit my Grandmother, I requested that we make a trip to Carnac in Brittany and Mont St Michel in Normandy. So, over two very full days, we drove the five hours to Brittany, looked at some very large rocks and then drove another couple of hours to see a very famous rock – Mont St Michel.

Mont St Michel + Carnac

I really enjoyed the trip to Brittany, which included a stop in a little town called Elven where we had baguettes with ham and cheese; then in Carnac we had a delicious multi-course birthday meal for my husband at a tiny auberge; more than one kougin amann (because I needed to compare!); a trip around a farmers market with some of the most amazing produce I’ve seen in a while; and Far Breton.

Far Breton

Far Breton is similar in texture to a clafoutis – one of my favourite desserts. It’s essentially a baked custard-style dish full of prunes, which I think have always had a bad wrap. You’ll also note in my photos above that some people like it blonde and others much darker and it can be served on its own or served with creme patisserie.

I’ve been wanting to give the Far Breton a go since I got back, so I finally found some time and did a search for a trustworthy recipe. I went with this recipe from Richard Bertinet and got baking.

Far Breton

Far Breton

The recipe worked a treat! It wasn’t quite the same (because things always taste better when you don’t make them yourself), but it was a winner of pudding and the feedback from my colleagues and in-laws was great.

I can recommend, as Richard Bertinet does, having this with a nice up of tea and a book. Or a cider.

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Mel is off to Europe….

Yep. Mel is off to Europe. Without me, unfortunately.

In fact, by the time you read this, she is probably already enjoying gelato (or more likely gelati) in Rome.

So why should you read on? Because But first, we eat! is going to get even better!

As you’d imagine, Mel isn’t your ordinary traveller, she’s one of those foodie tourists. After recent discussions with her, I discovered that she doesn’t have a to-do list as such, it’s more of an EAT list. She spent the last few months scouring the internet for all the delicacies, traditions and must-have food items in each country she is visiting. Even though I’m quite jealous, I’m looking forward to the many photos she’ll take and post to our Instagram account. I can live hungrily through her adventures. She’s currently in Rome and then off to:

  • Florence, Italy
  • Lucerne, Switzerland (fondue!)
  • Burgundy, France
  • Paris, France
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Galway, Ireland
  • Cork, Ireland
  • London, England

So, if you haven’t already followed followed us on Instagram, you can do that here.

Also, because we live in the age of technology, you can send her your recommendations and she’ll add them to her list while she’s on the road.


Karis Sign Off-01-01

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Silver screen food

Many years ago I was having a terrible time looking for a present for a special friend (yes, Zanna it’s you!). She always picks the most wonderful gifts for me, so it had to be something chosen carefully. Knowing she is a foodie like me, and an avid book reader (like me too, this is part of why we are friends), I chose the book The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais as I’d read a great review in a blog.

When she had finished the book she insisted that I read it as well because she enjoyed it so much. The book sat on the bookshelf (life always gets in the way) for a little too long for my liking until I had the courage and time on an overseas holiday to sit down and actually enjoy it.

moviestillWhile the book wasn’t one of my favourite reads, I really enjoyed the way the author described the food and the location it was based in – France! It really drew out the descriptions to make you feel like you were there and actually tasting Hassan and his mother’s creations.

It wasn’t until 2014 though when The Hundred-Foot Journey became a movie that I really fell in love with it. The colours, the scenery, the FOOD! I took a non-foodie male friend with me to see it and even he loved it! I so vividly remember walking out of the cinema with not only a huge smile on my face but inspiration to try more Indian and French food.

The story starts with a tragedy which forces an Indian family to move to London to start life afresh. After many years struggling to fit in and find a way, Papa decides to drive their small family van across Europe to find their new home. They stumble across an absolutely picturesque country town in France and decide to open an Indian restaurant directly across the road from a highly acclaimed Michelin starred restaurant. You will laugh, you will weep, you will be delighted with the colour and the scenery on offer, and most of all you will crave the wonderful food that this upcoming chef creates on his culinary journey.

I hope I have inspired you to watch my favourite foodie movie! Here are a few more that I really love:

2. Chef
3. No Reservations
4. Julie and Julia
5. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
6. Chocolat

Perhaps you have already seen them? I would love to hear your thoughts and what your favourite foodie movie is!

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